Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy

Healing Our Hearts with Powerful Inner Child Therapy

Healing Our Hearts

 Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy addresses and heals the pain that many of us experienced as infants and in our birth process; especially the lack of enough skin to skin contact and breast feeding from our mothers after birth.

A version of inner child therapy, this technique works with accessing the infant self and memories still stored in our deep subconscious and cellular memory.  By using hypnotic induction, nurturing touch, invoking the Sacred, hearing another person's heartbeat and loving words, we open a direct channel back to that time and those experiences around birth.  

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Now available:

"Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy" Book

Healing Our Hearts, A Guide for Friends and Lovers

A handbook for trading Nurturing Therapy. 
This guide covers the everything needed to start to give and receive this deep therapy, including the basics of trading peer counseling, inner child work, nurturing with the voice and touch, staying centered and clear as a giver, and much more.

 "Holding You Close" CD

   This CD is designed to be used for this therapy.  Using soft background music and male and female voices, Amara offers a recording of a session which takes you on a gentle inner journey that has powerful and deep healing potential.    

   This session can be used when alone, or ideally with a friend or therapist, either male or female. The friend simply holds you close while you both listen. In this process your inner infant can release painful emotions as needed, enjoy a deep sense of satisfaction, bliss and love, and create new and more loving relationship possibilities.  

Treat yourself to this restorative and transformative experience.  The session is 50 minutes long.  Available now.

Coming soon:

Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy DVD

    Learn this simple and powerful technique in this class with Amara Karuna. 

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"Taking the Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy class was a profound experience in and of itself. It caused such a degree of de-armoring, of 'getting real,' that it took my whole life and forced the moment to its crisis, so to speak. It laid bare whatever was not working authentically and also what was authentically true about me and my life.

In less than 24 hrs my vision, being so cleared, produced the action steps that provide the context for my destiny, if you will. All the pieces fell into place perfectly and my understanding, too. It was so fast and amazing as to feel miraculous. I feel blessed by your presence and your class. "


Client, Counseling teacher


"Working with Amara was a immensely grounding and healing experince. At once I felt listened to in a deep witnessed kind of way and also encouraged to not get stuck in the stories I have about my self. She has the ability to create a safe space for great healing to move though while at the same time bringing divine blessings in. I would not hesitate to reccomend her work to anyone on a healing journey. "